Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back and Better than Ever!

Hello, sweet new and old readers!

  I’ve missed you during my hiatus, but I hope you can see I’ve been hard at work developing new projects and great content for you to enjoy. Take a look around the new site...I’m obsessed with it! You can now pin images you see here directly to your own Pinterest boards, which I hope will help you with project inspiration. Just hover over the upper left-hand corner of an image to add it your Pinterest boards. 

A huge thank you goes to Becky at The Cutest Blog on the Block for her time and talent in creating this gorgeous new look! 

My favorite new addition to the redesign is the email subscription section located beneath my photo on the right. You can now sign up to receive Splendid Spaces in newsletter form to your email address. My goal is to receive 500 email addresses. The 500th subscriber will get a special gift as a thank you from me!

Make sure to click my photo on the right to read more about how Splendid Spaces got started. 

I have so many things for you guys to look forward to: from a furniture re-do featuring fabrics from the new HGTV HOME line of indoor and outdoor fabrics at Jo-Ann Fabrics to an entire home renovation project. There will also be tons of step-by-step DIY projects that will help you complete home decor projects on your own time. 

Splendid Spaces isn’t solely interior design-based, though! I have TONS of events that I'm planning this summer, and I cannot wait to show you the results. From a garden party bridal shower to a bow tie and seersucker graduation celebration, Splendid Spaces has been designing and planning a number of celebrations. 

Let me know what you think about the new design! Do we need to add something? Subtract something? Your feedback is always appreciated!

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  1. The new site looks great, Sadie! Can't wait to keep exploring!

  2. Yay splendid spaces! Glad to have you back :)