Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Bridal Shower with a Latin Twist

Last year, my best friend, Katie, and I had the exciting task of planning our best friend Calley's bridal shower. As soon as Calley got engaged, Katie and I started planning what we knew had to be the world's best shower.

Trust me when I say that Katie and I ate, slept, and breathed this shower for close to five months. Thanks to Pinterest, magazines, and many late night phone calls, we were able to create a shower that reflected Calley's personality perfectly.  

We thought of all the things Calley loves: the color pink, Mexican food, hot sauce, flowers, and fun. We wanted this to be a bridal shower that wasn't stuffy or formal, but rather had a relaxed atmosphere full of Calley's favorite things. 

First, we decided to have a gourmet taco bar with hard and soft shell tacos that could be filled with a variety of meats like chicken, sliced steak, and fish, and topped with an array of toppings like pico de gallo, fresh fruit, and sauces like chimichurri and salsa verde. Martini glasses held ceviche and virgin margaritas were served as a refreshing beverage. Dessert included chocolate empanadas and cinnamon-dusted churros.  

After deciding the menu, Katie and I knew we had to incorporate Calley's love of pink into the decor (in a subtle way without looking too Barbie-esque). We chose yellow, white, and pink as our color palette. The pink chargers were purchased online and the yellow and white chevron runners were found on Etsy. We tied the napkins with turquoise ribbon to add a nice contrast to the soft colors.

All of the flower arrangements scattered throughout the house reflected the color scheme of the party. The arrangements were placed in milk glass and silver vases that I had purchased from Goodwill. 

Katie was a genius and created the amazing light pink and dark pink pom poms that served as the centerpieces at each table. She followed this tutorial to turn cupcake liners into beautiful pom poms that sat atop glass candlesticks. They were so fun and were definitely more interesting than a standard flower centerpiece. On each plate, we placed a little note to thank our guests for coming and express our love for Calley. Definitely a tearjerker!

Each guest was asked to bring a favorite recipe of theirs to share with Calley. Upon arriving, they put their recipes in a box we monogrammed with Calley's new initials, and they were then asked to fill out an envelope with their name and address. We thought this would be an easier way for Calley to make sure all of her guests received a thank you note (and cut down on all the time it takes to look up everyone's addresses).

I'm not a fan of games at showers, but we needed to have an activity that allowed all of our guests to mix and mingle. Katie came up with the idea to make stickers with the names of famous brides (Princess Diana, Lisa Marie Presley, etc.) on them.

The idea was that each person would get a sticker placed on their back without seeing who their bride was, and they would then have to find someone who could give them clues about their "bride." It was so much fun to hear the questions people were asking and the shouts of "I know who it is!" as all of the clues came together. 

The shower was a tremendous success and Calley had a fantastic time. It was so fun to see our ideas come to life as well as to celebrate Calley and her marriage. In a few years, I can't wait to host her baby shower!

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