Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Garden Party Bridal Shower

My sweet friend, Megan, is getting married in July, and I was so thrilled when I was asked to host her bridal shower with her sister and cousin. We chose to center our color palette around white, green, and silver. 

The shower was held outside on the patio of a charming cafe in her hometown, so the green and white definitely enhanced the natural elements of the outdoors. With large oak trees hanging overhead on a beautiful spring day in Florida, it was the perfect setting for a garden party bridal shower. 

The punchy, vibrant fabric reminded me of vines, perfect in keeping with the garden party theme, and I was able to order it from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Each table at the cafe was a different size, so it was a bit difficult getting the measurements made for the runners, but we made it work. 

The chargers were purchased from Hobby Lobby, and I think they really added sophistication and elegance to the table setting. The silver of the chargers blended well with the mercury glass of the vases.

I made the mercury glass like I did for a tutorial featured on Lucky Girl Finds using Krylon Looking Glass paint and vinegar. All of the vases were purchased from Goodwill for no more than $2.00 each. 

I then purchased the various white flowers (lillies, tulips, and star of Bethlehem) from Publix, taking full advantage of their three for $12.00 deal. 

The green papier mache fans that hung in various spots around the railing were purchased from Sweet Lulu, my new favorite online party supply store! They went with the party’s color scheme and concealed the brown railing with their fun, floating vibe.

Mimosas were mixed according to the guests’ wishes; berries, watermelon, and an assortment of toppings were available to be mixed in. Vegetable panini and chicken salad sandwiches, served with fresh fruit salad, completed the menu. A swatch of fabric from the runners was used to silkscreen the cake to match the color scheme of the event. 

My favorite element of the shower was Megan’s request of her guests to bring their gifts unwrapped or in clear cellophane. The gifts were placed on a gift table and tags were written out by the hostesses detailing who gave the gift, and these tags were then displayed in front of each gift. This allowed Megan to mingle with her guests without having to do the awkward sit down and open every gift while being stared at intently. It made the shower stress-free and put the focus on celebrating Megan and her upcoming nuptials. 

The shower turned out beautifully! Sending love and best wishes to Megan and Mack!

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  1. Beautiful Table Design, Sadie! Love that bold print.

  2. Thanks so much, Lisa! Hope you're doing well!