Sunday, June 2, 2013

Decorating for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks

Once again, I was asked to decorate the private room of a local steakhouse where the boosters and assistant coaching staff for the University of South Carolina would dine together before taking on the Florida Gators the next afternoon. 
It was a tough task finding d├ęcor that would represent the Gamecocks’ colors: garnet and black just don’t look good together sometimes. 
The walls of the private room are already a cabernet color, so I was worried the room would turn into one giant garnet and black mess.
This was solved by making sure I integrated texture through the fabric and plates I used. The white tablecloths were the base for both the black and garnet table runners that ran the length of the tables. The fabric for the runners was purchased at Hobby Lobby while the white tablecloths belonged to the restaurant. 
The shininess of the chargers that were used under the white plates added a fun visual element to complement the table runners. The white napkins were tied with  either maroon ribbon trimmed in black or black ribbon trimmed in white.  
The centerpieces were wooden flower crates purchased for $1.50 each at Goodwill. I spray painted them black, and our amazing local florist filled them with red flowers to coincide with the Gamecock color scheme. 
The piece de resistance was definitely the vase that was overflowing with faux feathers in Gamecock colors. It sat on the sideboard and took everyone’s breath away when they walked into the private room. 
The restaurant created a special menu for the visitors and their menu cards had the Gamecock insignia displayed on the cards.
We received a number of compliments! Even though they were the opposing team, it’s always fun when someone compliments your work.

Editor’s Note: The Gators were victorious against the Gamecocks with a 44-11 victory.

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