Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY: A Dip-Dyed Desk

I have been noticing a lot of dip-dyed furniture popping up on blogs and Pinterest lately, and I knew I had to get in on the craze. I love how unexpected it is---you think you have a normal chair or table and then, wham!, the legs are an entirely different color.  

Luckily, my aunt had an old desk she no longer needed, so I decided to experiment with the dip-dyed table leg idea on it. The desk was a faded yellow color, but it had great lines that I knew would work for the project. 

I keep inordinate amounts of spray paint in a variety of colors on hand, so I didn’t have to run out and purchase the colors I used here. Both the melon and the metallic gold are by Krylon. 

I taped off the part of the legs of the desk that I wanted to paint gold I did this arbitrarily with no exact measurements, so they are a bit uneven...oh well, adds character, right?

I then spray painted a heavy coat of Krylon Melon over almost the entirety of the desk. This color is to die for! It’s glamorous and cheerful all at the same time. I’m obsessed!

After letting that dry for about two hours, I took off the tape and spray painted the legs in Krylon Metallic Gold. I was careful not to spray the pink parts with any of the gold paint (tricky, but I managed!) Painting the knobs gold was the final touch, which I think brought the whole look together. 

This was such an easy project to do, and the end result was so glamorous! I plan to use it in my office. I can’t wait to put some of my favorite design books on it along with a bud vase holding one of the beautiful magnolia blossoms that are blooming on our tree right now. So glam. 

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