Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Art of the Thank You Note

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been taught from a young age to write a handwritten thank you note for any gift or service I have received. At the risk of sounding like a grandma, I think thank you notes (and just handwritten notes in general) have been forgotten in the age of emails, text messages, and Facebook.

Though it takes a bit of time to pen a sweet note, address it, find a stamp, and get it out to the mailbox, the impression that a handwritten thank you note has on the receiver is invaluable.

That being said, write a note for anything you receive this Christmas season! Find some great stationery (I have monogrammed stationery, which I think encourages me to write more thank you notes) and express your gratitude. If monogrammed stationery isn’t your thing, Etsy and Pinterest have great options for beautifully crafted thank you notes. 

Remember these rules when writing your notes:

1. A thank you note should be written within two weeks of receiving the gift or service.
2. Mention each gift by name in the note and how you plan to use it (For example, “Dear Mrs. Smith, Thank you for the silver chafing dish. I’m looking forward to using it at our Christmas dinner…”)
3. Use blue or black ink. It looks more professional.
4. Write your note as if you are thanking the giver in person. Use proper grammar, of course, but don’t let the note get too stilted. Be genuine!
5. Thank you notes are written by one person and signed by the person writing the note. 

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