Sunday, June 2, 2013

Winter in Florida: A Stone Crab Party

There's a never a time when I feel more blessed to live in Florida than in the winter months. I'll speak to my friends up North who are huddled in their homes trying to stay warm by their fires while I am sunning by the pool trying to get my bronze on. I'm so thankful! 
With winter in Florida comes the season for my all-time favorite food: stone crabs. These delicious crustaceans are mouth-wateringly delicious when served with drawn butter and a tangy mustard sauce. You eat them with your bare hands and don't have to be fancy in the least! 

My mom decided to have a few people over for a stone crabs and barbecue shrimp party recently. She is quite the chef, so she picked the famous Mr. B.'s Bistro New Orleans BBQ Shrimp recipe to try. The recipe called for four sticks of butter, so I knew it just had to be good!

The tablescape for this shindig was simple: white plates, thick striped napkins (the kind you would use when cooking), wooden plates and bowls, and heavy silverware). Everything about the meal was delicious and the simplicity of the table decor further enhanced the food. We sat around the table for about four hours, laughing and drinking wine. Those are the best kind of nights! 

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