Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Creating a Gallery Wall with Sports Memorabilia

It seems every man I know has amassed a large collection of sports memorabilia over the years. Whether it is football, baseball, or hockey, there are stacks of framed jerseys, programs, tickets, and posters that either sit gathering dust in a closet or hang awkwardly on a wall. The only solution I have found to remedy this sports memorabilia problem is to create a gallery wall that showcases his favorite sports team while at the same time creating a sense of cohesiveness with grouping similar-themed objects. 

I recently helped a client create a gallery wall that displayed his favorite pieces from his large collection of Florida Gators memorabilia. We laid each piece on the floor and moved things around until we liked the way every piece was arranged. This was just a small sampling of his enormous collection of Gator-themed items, but it helped to liven up his office space and showed his pride for his beloved alma mater. 


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