Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dorm Room Style

When I think about my freshman dorm room, I think of how cramped, dingy, and dismal it was. The cinderblock walls coupled with the standard issue plywood furniture made for a cell-like atmosphere. I'll never forget my dad saying, "Whoa, this place is sad." 

My freshman roommate and I tried valiantly to make our room prettier by coordinating our bedding, hanging large, brightly-colored wall art, and adding as many personal touches as possible. Below are the pictures of my dorm room (no idea why they're so blurry...but you get the idea!)

As thousands of incoming freshmen prepare to move into their dorms in August, I thought I would offer a few tips on how to make a dorm room reflect your personal style: 

1. The lighting in most dorms is usually fluorescent, which casts a gray pall on everything. Bring lamps for your desk and your bedside table. Coordinate the lamp shades (I love the ones from the Threshold line at Target) with your bedding to tie the scheme together, creating a cohesive look for the entire room. 
2. The dressers that are provided to you are usually pretty worn, so line the drawers with pretty patterned wallpaper or gift wrapping paper (Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx have great gift wrapping paper). This will give you a pleasant surprise each time you're searching for your socks before your 8 a.m. Anthropology class. 

3. Utilize under bed storage. Bed Bath & Beyond sells all types of under bed storage containers, and these will help you keep items you don't always use out of sight, freeing up living space. 

4. Use bold colors in your decor. Dorm rooms are painted a standard beige color, which provides the perfect backdrop for bright, vibrant hues. If you're reluctant to use bright colors, subtly incorporate them into your pillows or other accessories. 
5. Buy multi-functional furniture such as an ottoman with storage inside. This is a stylish solution that will provide both additional seating and extra storage. 

6. Buy an area rug. You're either stuck with dingy carpet or tile, so adding an area rug will add color and comfort to your space. 
7. Make an upholstered headboard using an easy DIY like this one. This will create a customized look to your standard bed, adding comfort and design. 
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  1. I spent so many hours/days/weeks in your freshman dorm room (and all the other years!). You truly know how to transform even the most dismal of spaces!