Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Making An Entryway More Attractive

When you open the front door to the entryway of my client's home, you are greeted by a long wall and a hall closet. I wanted to create a more welcoming entrance without having to remove walls or do anything drastic. 
The wall to the right of the entrance has a strange cutout, and my client plans to knock this wall out eventually. Until then, he would like to make that area functional and inviting. I placed a small console table there with a fun bowl that holds his keys and wallet. A small bud vase rests here and holds seasonal blooms. 

On the shelf below, I placed some of his art books to add some personality to the vignette. The table was purchased for $80.00 at Kirkland's, and I think it adds the perfect amount of distraction from the wall while providing a storage space for keys and much-used items.

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