Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Sunny First Birthday Party

I'm thrilled to feature another sweet first birthday party on the blog today. My best friend since the age of three, Savana, recently celebrated the first birthday of her sweet angel baby, Aubrey. This little lady stole my heart the minute her mama showed me her ultrasound picture, so it's appropriate that the theme of her party was "You are My Sunshine." 
Savana took a wooden pallet, painted it yellow, orange, and pink and then painted the lyrics to the song on it. The pallet hung from the porch behind Aubrey's high chair where she ate her cake.
The high chair had a handmade skirt made out of tulle and ribbon. Aubrey's entire birthday outfit also coordinated with the color scheme of the party. 
A piece of driftwood was painted white, and then Aubrey's name was added in the same yellow, orange, and pink colors. In the corner, little Aubrey's hand was used to make the yellow and orange sunshine. 
In place of a guest book, a canvas from Hobby Lobby was painted with a blue background and a yellow circle to represent the sun. The orange rays were the fingerprints of all of the guests who attended. 
Her smash cake was a sun made with yellow food coloring and Cool Whip. The sunglasses were purchased from the Dollar Store, the mouth and nose were candies, and the sun's rays were ice cream cones.  
Each guest received a bucket full of goodies as their party favor. These included sunglasses, bubbles, curly straws, homemade sponge balls, lemon drop candy and homemade Kool-Aid play dough. All of these items were either purchased at the Dollar Store or handmade. 
Thanks so much for sharing, Savana! Love to you and sweet Aubrey!
*All photos are courtesy of Kaley Krim Taccetta. 
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