Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hosting A 'Fan'-tastic Tailgate Party

I have several days that I look forward to annually---Christmas, the Fourth of July, and the start of college football season (Go Gators!). There's nothing better than cheering on your favorite college football team while sweating with 80,000 other fans in 100 degree weather; it creates an immediate sense of camaraderie.

My favorite part of football season is, without a doubt, the tailgate parties. The food, the beverages, the games of cornhole and horseshoes---I love every part of it. On my bucket list is the goal to attend a tailgate party in The Grove at Ole Miss. Though in recent years they haven't been known for their game-winning team, Ole Miss is synonymous with hosting fabulous tailgate parties. The girls in the sundresses, the boys in bow ties, and the gourmet spreads of food would be right up my alley!

A good tailgate is laid-back, fun, and welcoming. The food is easy to prepare and easy to eat (no fancy tuna tartare here), the keg is always full and solo cups are at the ready, and the music is a pleasing blend of Southern classic rock and your team's feisty fight songs. The images below are ideas I plan to implement at my own tailgate parties this season.

How do you tailgate? What makes a tailgate a great one versus just a good one? I want to know!


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