Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY: Gold Vases

I have a habit of constantly purchasing small glasses, vases, and jars that I can use for floral displays at various events. Since they cost next to nothing at thrift stores, garage sales, and Goodwill, I don't feel bad about it! 

When I'm decorating for an event that requires different vases in various heights, shapes, and sizes, I know I can reach into my glass stash and find anything I need. 

For my Emmy party, I used Mason jars and Sam Adams pilsner glasses to hold small arrangements of baby roses. Everything looks better in gold (I treat it as a that weird?), so I spray painted all of my glasses using Krylon's Metallic Brass. I thought this color mimicked the shade of gold of the Emmy award. 

I used painter's tape to tape off areas of the glass that I wanted to make into a cool design. Nothing too fancy and no exact science to it, but it was really fun, cheap, and easy to do. 

The gold looked fantastic against the red of the roses. I'm planning on using these vases next week for a baby shower I'm hosting. Stay tuned for pictures of that soiree! 

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