Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How-To: Re-Purposing a TV Console

My client has been on the search for an attractive television console for his living room since he moved into his new home several months ago. Many were too expensive and some didn't have the right measurements to fit a cable box and the other television accessories. 
While looking around his home, he realized that the old television console he was using for the TV in his bedroom would be the perfect size and fit for his living room. The dark wood of the console would be too heavy for the living room, so he decided to paint it a light steel blue that brought out the light blue color in the room's area rug. 

The back of the console was open and showed the exposed wires of the electronic devices, so my client bought a piece of bead board from Lowe's and had them cut it down to the exact measurements of the console. He then spray painted the bead board a creamy ivory color and attached it to the back of the console. 

This piece has completely transformed the room by adding a healthy dose of color. I love the texture that the bead board provides. The entire project cost $60 for materials, and I'm so glad that my client was able to "shop his house" and rework an existing piece to fit his new home. 

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