Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Light Me Up: The Skinny on Light Fixtures

When I first started dabbling in interior design, I only focused on paint colors, rugs, fabric, and furniture. I never thought about the little things that make up the overall design of a home such as light fixtures, window styles, et cetera. However, as my business has grown, I have encountered more and more people who want to completely update their light fixtures. 

I guess I used to think, "Well, it's hanging above you and you don't have to look at it that often, so who cares?" That was until I came across a number of HIDEOUS (think lime green chandelier covered in fake crystals or a gold pendant light that reeks of 1980). Leaving these eyesores while decorating the rest of the home would completely counteract "the pretty" I was trying to infuse into a room. 

I've been researching light fixtures for several clients, and they all have similar tastes in lighting. I'm loving these fixtures below. I'm hoping my clients will love them, too, and this will be the start of getting rid of their unfortunate-looking current fixtures!



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