Monday, October 14, 2013

Making the Most of Wood Paneling

I have a number of friends who are looking for their first homes right now, and they are all running into the same problem: wood paneling. It seems the homes that are in our price range and desired neighborhoods all jumped on the wood paneling bandwagon in the '70s and never thought to remodel. 

While it can seem overwhelming when you see dark wood paneling covering every surface of your prospective new home, don't fret! Wood paneling can easily be painted. Painting the paneling will brighten up the space while also providing texture because painting the existing paneling creates a bead board/clapboard effect. 

This article by the lovely couple from Young House Love details their struggle with the paneling in their home and how they turned a dated, dark home covered in paneling into a bright, cheery space. It provides tons of inspiration and hope for all of you worried about the state of your paneled rooms!

I'm not currently working with any clients who have this wood paneling problem, but I'm definitely going to keep the images below in mind for when this issue inevitably arises in the future. 


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