Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY: A Chalkboard Menu

I have been wanting a chalkboard for my kitchen for some time now. I finally got around to buying the paint, and I set about to make the perfect chalkboard menu board. 
I have an obsession with buying mirrors from thrift stores, so I always have one (or five) on hand. I found one that would fit perfectly on a corner wall in the kitchen, so I taped off its gold frame and prepped it to become a chalkboard. 
I used Krylon's Chalkboard spray paint (about $6.00 at Lowe's) and coated the entire surface of the mirror. I was a little worried because it said "Ideal for wood, plastic, and metal," but it went on smoothly and stuck to the mirror well. 
I allowed the mirror to dry for about two hours (mostly to get rid of the yucky spray paint fumes) before hanging it in my kitchen. It was such an easy project, and I'm so glad I got around to it! I can't wait to write the weekly dinner menu on it this week!

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  1. I love the chalk board! I use the one I made ALL the time! It's amazing what uses you will find for it! Enjoy!