Thursday, January 9, 2014

How-To Put Together a Wine and Cheese Plate

I love to throw impromptu gatherings, and the perfect way to feed my guests is by assembling a cheese platter with assorted fruits and crackers and pair them with some delicious wine. With the Golden Globes on this Sunday, I think I'll be going this route to make sure my girlfriends are well-fed and well-beveraged! 

I'm usually pretty clueless as to what wines go best with what cheeses (I will eat any cheese (except for bleu) and drink any wine), so this helpful little cheat sheet below is what I printed out to use at the grocery store when I'm buying my party supplies. 

I want to make this amazing chalkboard cheese tray so that my guests can easily identify which cheese is which. It's so unique yet practical. This cheese tray paired with a simple arrangement of bud vases with one or two stems would be beautiful and festive. 


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