Thursday, January 16, 2014

Organizing Your Garage

The garage: a place where sports equipment, half-empty cans of paint, aging holiday decorations, and an untold number of miscellaneous items find their final resting place. In other words, the garage usually ends up less as a place to store your car and more as a place to house your junk.

Don't know where to put something? Put it in the garage until we can "make room." Making room never happens and the garage just ends up cluttered. I am definitely guilty of this, and I resolved to tackle the garage during the first days of the new year.

I went to Lowe's and purchased three of their heavy duty metal racks. Each took about 30 minutes to put together with no bolts or screws needed. So easy! I then purchased ten 20 gallon Hefty plastic bins to store all of the holiday decor I've accumulated. A free five gallon bin was given with the purchase of any 20 gallon bin, so I got ten of those for free! They were perfect to use to store tools, nuts and bolts, and other smaller items.
After putting some larger, seasonal items away in the attic, I got to work organizing everything. It's really helpful to take everything out and put it in the driveway so you can sort through it and then find a rightful place for it inside the garage. This helped to keep me from feeling overwhelmed.
Designate a spot for everything. For example, one entire shelving unit is for decor while another shelving unit is for tools and home improvement items. I will now know where everything is and have a work area where I can complete my DIY projects. I also placed a dry erase board by the entrance to the laundry room so I can keep a running list of items I need such as paint, ant killer, and pool cleaning supplies.

I'm so thrilled with the way everything turned out. It was a lot of hauling, sorting, and throwing out, but walking into the garage now is no longer stress inducing!

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  1. wow, Its amazing to see your organised garage. I am also agree that heavy duty shelving and racks can really help to organize all the things in a garage. Me also own a garage and before purchasing heavy shelving racks I was not able to organize my garage in a right way. But now the situation is changed. My garage is more clean and well organised.