Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesdays: Registering for Gifts

Happy Wednesday, y'all! We recently registered at two of the four stores we've chosen for our gift registry, and it was so fun! 

I had heard horror stories of rude salespeople, bickering couples, and malfunctioning price guns from former brides, but Brian and I had a great time. We encountered pleasant people who helped make the process easy and painless. 

We went on MLK Day when we both had the day off, and it was so nice to have a "date day" during the week. We had lunch at one of our favorite cafes that is located in the local gift store where we chose to register. We chose a number of serving platters, place mats, and tons of Gator football tailgating memorabilia to use for at-home tailgate parties. It was fun to wander around and picture what our home will look like if we receive some of what we registered for. 

We then moved on to Macy's. Brian was so excited to use the scanner! The salesperson who helped us, Monica, was fantastic and pointed us in the right direction. We had the best time choosing all sorts of kitchen utensils, cooking gadgets, and much more. Brian is the chef in the relationship, so this was his area of expertise. I begged for a cotton candy maker, but he didn't think it was practical. Oh, well! 

In order to know what to register for, I used this helpful list. We will continue to use it during our next registry trips. Monica also informed us that you should register for close to three times the amount of guests you are having in order to have enough gifts for showers, parties, and the wedding itself. I had no idea about this rule, so it put some pressure on to find some good quality gifts in varying price ranges. 

My mom and I are handling the registering for crystal, china, and silver (Brian said that was "all my area"), so that should be so fun to mix and match place settings together. I'm sure I'll get overwhelmed with all "the pretty," but I think having mom there will be helpful and calming. 

We want to make sure to take our time registering so we enjoy the process. We also don't want to forget items we need or register for duplicates. 

How was your registering experience? Were you stressed, overwhelmed, or having a good time? Do you have tips for brides and grooms to remember when registering? I want to know! 


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