Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An Exciting New Project!

I am so ecstatic about this new project I've started! My mom and I are flipping several older apartments that will then be rented turn-key style to local professionals in the area. They are two bedroom, one bath units with decent-sized living areas. 

Our budget is minuscule (so small, it's not even worth mentioning), so we have been doing all the work ourselves. We've painted, scrubbed, caulked, and cleaned every square inch of this place. We've started with one unit to use as our show space, and we will then be moving on to other units to renovate and re-decorate them. 

These units were built as apartments in the mid-60s, and I don't think they've been updated since then. The floors were covered in this disgusting brown shag carpet (words cannot express how gross it was), and the walls were a dingy brown color. The whole feel of the place was tired, dirty, and antiquated. 

We knew the carpet had to come out and be replaced (budget be damned!), but we were SO THRILLED when we pulled it back and found pristine terrazzo floors. Terrazzo, a composite material made up of quartz, marble, granite, and glass, was often used in the '60s and '70s for flooring in ground floor units (it's often too heavy to use on second floors). 

As you can see in this photo above, it's a bit worse for the wear because it has residue from the carpet glue. We found a specialist in our area who is an expert at restoring terrazzo floors, and he said he'll be able to make our floors look as good as new after a day of cleaning with a heavy chemical and buffing with a special machine. 

The kitchen was also in desperate need of some TLC. It's the smallest kitchen I've ever been in (only one person can fit in it and can barely do this comfortably), so I knew I had to fake a more open feel. I've painted the dark cabinets in Sherwin Williams' Greek Villa and removed the upper cabinet doors to create an airy, open feel. I will be using a light blue contact paper from Walmart on the back of the cabinets to provide a pretty contrast. 
The front entrance of the apartment was covered in a fake wood floor that has worn and torn over the years. We found vinyl peel and stick tiles for $12 at the Family Dollar store that we will use to improve the look of the entrance. 
The walls are being painted in Valspar's Notre Dame, which is a light grayish blue color. It's really brightened up the place and brings out the colors in the terrazzo flooring. The tricky part with all of these apartments is that they must be gender neutral. All of the furniture, appliances, towels, bedding, and flatware and dishes will be provided for our tenants.

The ceilings are popcorn ceilings, which is a bummer, but our budget and time constraints prevent us from removing it. We used my Wagner Spray Gun (my all-time favorite tool!) to cover the ceiling with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams' Pure White. It definitely made the ceiling feel brighter and cleaner. 

It's been so fun refurbishing everything, and I cannot wait to see the final product. Stay tuned for photos of everything and learn how we made a little bit of money go a long way when redecorating this unit!

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