Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Projects, Before and After Photos, and So Much More!

Hello, readers!
  It's been super busy around here these days with wedding planning, work, and the start of new projects. Before I get into all of that, I thought I would show you the "after" photos of Brian's home renovation project. We are loving the open, spacious feel of the room and can't believe we were able to put up with it for almost a year! There are still a few things we'd like to do to the house, but we'll wait to do all of that until I move in after we're married. 

If you'll recall from this last post, the wall that was obstructing the entrance and kitchen area was removed and the ceiling was lifted to better fit with the cathedral ceilings in the living room. After finishing off the walls, we knew we needed to continue the wood flooring into the kitchen and dining room area to have a sense of continuity among the now open space. I was so happy to see that yucky, ancient tile go! 
With the wood floors now throughout the main living, dining, and kitchen area, the brown kitchen cabinets simply had to go. We chose to paint them in Valspar's Antique White and kept the existing hardware. 
We are so so so amazed by the difference that removing a wall and painting the cabinets a lighter color could do for this space. We loved this little house to begin with, but now we're head over heels for its spacious feel and the ease it brings to gatherings with family and friends. 

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