Monday, May 12, 2014

Making a Tiny Kitchen Feel Large

I've already mentioned how tiny the kitchen is in the apartment my mom and I are renovating. When I say that I can stretch out my arms from side to side and almost touch the walls, I am not exaggerating. It's teeny tiny. 
There's also a GIANT fridge in there that doesn't fit the space and makes the whole area feel cluttered and claustrophobic. I've been haunting Craigslist and other places for apartment size refrigerators at decent prices, and I think I may have found a winner! Let's hope I can bargain with the current owner and come away with a quality fridge at a low price. :)

Anyways, I knew I had to make the kitchen feel more open and airy, and do it all on a tiny budget. I removed all the doors from the top cabinets to create an open shelving concept, and then I decided to paint both the upper and lower cabinets and the walls in Sherwin Williams' Greek Villa to make the space feel crisp and clean. 

I sprayed the existing hardware on the lower cabinets with Krylon's Satin Nickel, my go-to for a pretty metallic finish. 

I then found contact paper from Walmart for $6.00 a roll (a huge steal considering other prices out there!) and hung it on the backs of the cabinets for a pretty flash of color. We're not quite finished with everything yet, but I'm loving the way it is shaping up. 

There's a window above the sink that I'd like to put a pretty valance over to complement the contact paper, and I'd love to find a new faucet with a spray attachment for the porcelain kitchen sink. Time, money, and talent permitting, I'd love to get crafty with some countertop coating I saw at Lowe's that's supposed to help transform formica countertops. We shall see!

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