Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nifty Trick for Restoring Old, Dirty Hardware

The apartment my mom and I are renovating was in rough shape before we got to it. We decided to first strip everything down and give it a good cleaning and then a good paint job. When we went to take the doors and cabinets off their hinges, we realized that the hinges were covered in years of grime, rust, and paint. 

After getting a heck of an arm workout trying to pry them off the door, we knew we would have to restore them to their natural brass beauty in order for everything to look clean and new (we also couldn't afford to buy new ones!) 
I remembered a trick that the adorable Nicole Curtis of "Rehab Addict: Detroit" on HGTV used to restore the hardware in an old house she was renovating. She plopped all of the hardware into a Crockpot full of water and set it on low. After a few hours, she went back to it and most of the grime and paint had come off the old hardware. She used a toothbrush to scrub off the remaining paint and grime, and everything was as good as new!

We did the same thing, and it worked! When we removed the hardware from the Crockpot, we used a brush to scrub a combination of Barkeeper's Friend (thank you to Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook for suggesting this miracle worker!)  and Brasso. Voila! Our hardware was (almost) as good as new! We might spray paint them gold just to add a little pizzazz, but that's still up in the air. For now, we're thrilled with the results!

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