Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Wedding Website: Do or Don't?

For the longest time, I had mixed feelings about wedding websites. I thought, "Well, they made it just fine without a wedding website in the old days, so why use one now?" When I began planning our wedding, however, I realized that having a wedding website is such an easy way to communicate information about our wedding to our guests. Although my mother (a traditionalist to the very core) was aghast that we would have a wedding website, I think it was a great decision. 

We chose to use Riley & Grey, a company that has gorgeous, customizable templates available for a monthly fee. Creating our website was incredibly easy, and allowed me to add as much or as little information as I wanted. I didn't want to have a traditional wedding website URL, so we used the location of our reception as inspiration for the name. Thus, was born! 

It doesn't contain a lot of information, just the "nitty gritty" of wedding facts such as accommodations, registry information, and a picture of Brian and me. I love the blue and white tones as well as the trellis pattern, which reminds me of my favorite interior design style: Hollywood Regency. 

How do you feel about wedding websites? Did you have one? Are you planning on having one? I want to know! 

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