Monday, May 5, 2014

What to Do with This Dining Room

Since Brian bought his house last year, I've helped him with design decisions such as paint colors, furniture placement, and wall art. We don't exactly agree on some things (he loves browns, tans, and other neutrals) while I love pops of bright colors and he believes strongly in comfort versus style (no settees here) while I am fine to have furniture you just admire for its form rather than its function.
Brian went rogue a few months ago and purchased a dining room table that has become the bane of my existence. Referred to as "The Table," it is brown, really brown. He loves it because the chairs are sturdy and comfortable, and it provides enough room for us to have a gathering of friends around it.
Between the wood floor, the brown hutch, the bronze light fixture, and the table, the dining room is a sea of brown. I like the lines of the table and would love to paint it. What colors do you think would work best? I'd love anything that would make it lighter.
And I'm conflicted about adding a rug. Do you think it's necessary or would it take away from the beauty of the wood floors? I think the brown hutch could definitely be painted to look more current and modern. I love the light fixture, which Brian found on for $134.00.

These are some of the inspiration images I'm using for ideas! I'd love some feedback from y'all. :)
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  1. Haha. Great post. "Brian went rogue..." I like the 2nd inspiration picture. You could paint the table a cool color (or two) and tie in the hutch with the same color. Maybe just doing the back of the hutch instead of the whole thing so to avoid being too "matchy".
    A cool colorful runner would help as well as a floral arrangement :) While I do love the lantern lighting, a crystal chandelier would add elegance to the rustic look! Just some food for thought!